Austin Defensive Driving Checklist

Certified Copy of Driving Record

  • To obtain on line visit – Fee $12.00
  • To obtain by mail, complete and mail the attached form to the Department of Public Safety – Fee $10.00
  • Driving records are no longer available in person at the DPS office. It may take 4-6 weeks for the Texas Department of Public Safety to process your request by mail.
  • Upon receipt from DPS, submit ALL pages of the original certified Driving Record to the Court. (Including “End of Record” page)
  • In the event a Certified Abstract is required, visit for more information.

Texas Education Agency approved 6 hour Driver’s Safety Course

  • Child Safety Violations require a specialized Safety Seat System Course.
  • A violation involving a motorcycle requires a Motorcycle Operator Training Course.
  • Certificate should reflect Williamson County JP #3 as the name of the Court.
  • Certificates are not issued the same day of completion; therefore, it is suggested that you take the course within 30 days after approval from the Court.
  • Upon receipt SIGN the original court copy of the Driver’s Safety Certificate.
  • Certificate must reflect course taken is for a ticket dismissal.

Submit to the Court within 90 days of Judgment the following documents

  • The Original Signed Court Copy of the Driver’s Safety Certificate.
  • The original Certified Driving Record, include ALL pages.

Failure to comply with the requirements of Defensive Driving will result in further Court proceedings.

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