Austin Defensive Driving Training Aid

When driving is part of your job duties, whether you are behind the wheel of a rental vehicle, a van, a company car, or an eighteen-wheeler, you are a professional driver. Most drivers can drive around the block without incident, but it takes a dedicated professional to drive perfectly for thousands of miles. When professional drivers are at the controls of any vehicle they should always remember that defensive driving is a full-time job. They take the time to complete pre-trip checklists and perform inspections that familiarize the driver with the vehicle and identifies unsafe mechanical conditions that may need repair. The driving conditions of today’s roads and highways demand a higher level of skill, knowledge, and decisionmaking ability. A defensive driver is someone who looks for the mistakes of other drivers; not merely a person who has had the good fortune to avoid accidents.

Safety-conscious drivers:

  • develop good habits and practice them continually
  • are prepared mentally and physically every time they are behind the wheel
  • comply with all traffic laws and are courteous to others
  • remember that speed, whether too slow or too fast, kills
  • adapts their driving to the current driving conditions
  • maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them-one vehicle length for each 10 mph
  • are aware of the vehicle’s limitations

Defensive drivers:

  • have foresight that gives them the ability to size up traffic situations on the road ahead
  • start slowing down sooner and apply the brakes the instant they see a hazard developing
  • apply the brakes gradually so they don’t spin or grind to a stop so quickly that they risk a rear-end collision
  • anticipate the incorrect actions of other drivers in time to take the actions necessary to prevent accidents.

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